Our Values


For ourselves, our students & the whole of humanity. This guides us in all we do and is demonstrated in our actions, both as individuals and an organization.

Social Responsibility & Self-Empowerment

We strive to help create a more equitable society. Offering the practices of Yoga, we facilitate space for our students to tap into their own inner resources and build self-efficacy- tools they can carry off their mats and into the rest of their lives. This is particularly important within the incarceration system and oppressed communities, where folks are continuously and systemically disempowered and dehumanized.

Authenticity & Integrity

Leading by example, we show up in a way that is true to ourselves & our lived experiences in the world. We encourage our students to do the same, recognizing that these attributes are different for each individual. We are mindful that our actions and words reflect and uphold our values.

Compassion & Inclusion

We move from a place of compassion, meeting our students where they are, without judgment. We strive to make our offerings relevant & accessible to everyone we have the privilege to serve.


We are reliable, consistent, and true to our word. We strive to be transparent, acknowledge any mistakes we might make, and do everything in our power to correct & repair.